Friday Night and ... A Table for One, Please...

Antes do Chez Lili nascer eu tive outros blogs que eram, sobretudo, escritos em inglês. Quanto mais eu escrevia, mais dominava o comando da língua inglesa e maior a sensação de conseguir comunicar com um público maior, de conseguir comunicar sem fronteiras. Este post foi escrito há algum tempo, há bastante tempo até, mas decidi recuperá-lo. Foi escrito em inglês e será partilhado mesmo assim.  Nesta casa, desde que haja vontade de escrever e de partilhar, todas as línguas serão bem vindas, embora o português será sempre uma espécie de filho predilecto.

Aqui vai...

- I've just finished work and I felt like eating pizza today... so I came to Rossopomodoro.
- Ok. Good.

The phone connection was perfect, but the only thing I could hear for a long moment was silence....

- But... Are you having dinner alone at Rossopomodoro?
- Yes, I am! Why?
- You're so courageous! How can you do that?
- Simple. I came in and there was a table for one still available on a Friday night. It wasn't the best table but since they cook my favorite pizza, I took it anyway and.... Here I am!"
- I wish I could do that!"
- Do what?
- Having dinner on my own in a restaurant and on a Friday Night!?
- Well... I wish I could speak Cantonese or climb the Himalayas! That would an achievement! 

For many people, booking a table for one in a restaurant is an act of courage! If you book it on a friday night it becomes an act of heroism! 

I always had dinners and lunches on my own, I never felt uncomfortable or weird, but now... I'm just too aware of it! 
Somehow, I'm finding myself googling and writing about this topic and discovering that, there's actually a lot of people out there that would never dare to have dinner alone in a restaurant!

I think, from now on, this suddenly awareness will make me stare at the waiters looking for a double meaning in their simple questions:

- Shall I bring the menu or are you still waiting for someone!
- You should bring the menu, please!


- Madam, you should be aware that the choice you made will be quite a big portion for just one person. Shall I give you more time to choose something else!?
- No! Just bring it all, please! The whole fuck*ng portion!


- Madam, there's only one table left at the end of the room, near the toilet. But you can always eat at the bar!
- I am sure the bartender would be a great company, but I want to have dinner on my own.


- Madam, shall I remove the extra plate and cutlery from your table! 
- Honey, remove everything but leave my plate, please! One more thing! I know you're losing money but do not dare to rush my dinner!

When I'm in a restaurant on my own, people talking in the background are a company to me. I could stay at home but it wouldn't be the same. I really enjoy it and now, that I am aware of it, maybe I am more courageous than I think. I wonder how many people would look at me and dream of finishing their meals on their own, instead of keep enduring the conversation and the company of their lovely partners. 

Love, Lili

People think because you spend time on your own, you’re troubled. There’s a thing in restaurants, where you’re sitting there, eating, reading a book, and people think that they’re going to be of greater value than any book can be. They think you’re in trouble because you’re reading: ‘He hasn’t got a friend, poor old sod.’ - Bill Nighy

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  1. so proud you shared the table for one scene from the Lonely Guy :) Brilliant writing as usual. Quite literally the best writer that I know in person. A wealth of thought provoking depth and layered meaning in every sentence.


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